Wishing Star Foundation’s Send a Friend a Goat Fundraiser

Wishing Star Foundation pic

Wishing Star Foundation
Image: wishingstar.org

A business management professional with more than 30 years of experience, Keith Scribner is the founder of Scribner Investment Companies, www.Scribco.com, a commercial real estate business in Spokane, Washington. Keith Scribner and his wife Leilani Scribner are involved with numerous nonprofit organizations, including the Wishing Star Foundation.

The Wishing Star Foundation was developed by a Spokane couple in 1983 as a way to grant wishes for children with life-threatening illnesses. One of the foundation’s many fundraising initiatives is Send a Friend a Goat.

This lighthearted, donation-based campaign has taken place each spring since its inception in 2005. The fundraiser incorporates about 50 volunteers, who spend the designated day delivering goats around the city. Volunteers bring a baby goat to a friend or family member, as specified by the donator. To make the goat go away, after cuddles are given and photos are taken, the recipient can make a donation.

Those who want to avoid having a goat sent to them can purchase “goat insurance” as a flat-rate donation. In past years, Send a Friend a Goat has raised more than $25,000.


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