Ronald McDonald House – A Home Away From Home

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Ronald McDonald

Keith R. Scribner is founder of Scribner Properties LLC, DBA, Scribner Investment Companies, of Spokane, Washington, In addition to building this privately held real estate investment portfolio, Keith R. Scribner and his wife, Leilani Scribner, support a number of charitable organizations in Spokane and nationwide, including Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Ronald McDonald House Charities is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois. The organization leads initiatives dedicated to improving the lives of children. Perhaps best known among these is the Ronald McDonald House, which offers parents of sick or recovering children a comfortable home away from home.

In addition to comfortable lodgings, Ronald McDonald House provides families of hospitalized children with hot, home cooked meals, private bedrooms, as well as a range of support services depending on availability. All services, meals, and accommodations are provided by donors or through volunteerism, with a suggested donation of $25 a day. But if payment is not possible, Ronald McDonald House waives the fee while providing the same level of care and support to families and caregivers of sick young people. For more about the organization, visit


Wishing Star Foundation’s Send a Friend a Goat Fundraiser

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Wishing Star Foundation

A business management professional with more than 30 years of experience, Keith Scribner is the founder of Scribner Investment Companies,, a commercial real estate business in Spokane, Washington. Keith Scribner and his wife Leilani Scribner are involved with numerous nonprofit organizations, including the Wishing Star Foundation.

The Wishing Star Foundation was developed by a Spokane couple in 1983 as a way to grant wishes for children with life-threatening illnesses. One of the foundation’s many fundraising initiatives is Send a Friend a Goat.

This lighthearted, donation-based campaign has taken place each spring since its inception in 2005. The fundraiser incorporates about 50 volunteers, who spend the designated day delivering goats around the city. Volunteers bring a baby goat to a friend or family member, as specified by the donator. To make the goat go away, after cuddles are given and photos are taken, the recipient can make a donation.

Those who want to avoid having a goat sent to them can purchase “goat insurance” as a flat-rate donation. In past years, Send a Friend a Goat has raised more than $25,000.

September Events at the Spokane Club

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Spokane Club

Keith Scribner has spent over 30 years in the real estate development field through Scribner Investment Companies, serving clients with the best commercial locations for retail, office and restaurant locations available. Keith Scribner continues to hold membership in organizations such as the Spokane Club.

The Spokane Club maintains locations in downtown Spokane at 1002 W. Riverside and in the valley at 5900 E 4th Ave. Since 1890, it has served as a community organization providing its members with fitness facilities, networking events, concerts, dances, and other community services. The club also offers its members meeting rooms and banquet facilities with priority for catering services.

The Spokane Club’s has planned a variety of educational and entertainment events for September of 2014. On September 9th, a Back Pain Seminar Series will begin, and on the 10th, Jessica Gudgel will host an event known as Lively Libations. The Valley Backyard Bash and Chili Cookoff will take place on September 13th. On the 17th, those who wish to get in shape can take advantage of the Maximize Your Workout for Fat Loss Seminar. For families, the club has planned The Crazy Kids/Drive-In Movie on the 19th. Lastly, the 26th serves as the date for the Shrimp and Prime Rib Buffet.

An Overview of RMHC Scholarship Opportunities

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Ronald McDonald House Charities

Keith Scribner and Leilani Scribner, husband and wife, of Spokane County, Washington, have more than three decades of experience, in the field of real estate investments, In addition to overseeing real estate purchases and development projects, Keith Scribner supports nonprofits such as the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Spokane.

The Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) provides a number of annual scholarship opportunities to students living throughout the United States. Over the last 30 years, the organization has awarded high school students more than $56 million in scholarships. Students interested in applying for a RMHC scholarship should begin by contacting their local RMHC chapter.

The RMHC scholarship is a general scholarship open to any interested student. The organization also offers more specific opportunities for funding, such as the RMHC Asia scholarship. In order to qualify for this award, students must have at least one parent with Asia Pacific heritage. The RMHC African-American Future Achievers scholarship, meanwhile, is reserved for students with one parent of African American or Black Caribbean ancestry. Additional scholarships include the RMHC Hacer award for students with a parent of Hispanic or Latino descent. For more information on scholarship guidelines, visit